Dona Diabla


Born Elvira León but known as Empress Dona Diabla.I choose to adorn my body like an Aztec Temple with elegant Mexican illustrations and flecks of Sliver jewelry. Evident in my cat-like piercing green eyes, pale skin, and intensely EuroAsian/Mestiza features of my Turkish-Mexican American Heritage.I have received my BA in Film studies with an minor in Latin American studies from University of San Francisco.I am knowledgeable about Satan's one world government. Recently, I became an member of Socetas Rosicruaiana along with my Mexican-Armenian Girlfriend and Argentine Diamond Merchant fiance. Described as Luciferian seductress and feminine Demoness, I lure men into my lair with perversions and black widow techniques. Fetishes:Verbal Abuse *Anal* Demonic Homewreck* Money Fetish* Feminization/Sex Kitten Bimboification*Black Widow Roleplay * Satanic Domination*Magic Control*Extreme Intoxication *Robots* Mind Control ULTRA SEX KITTEN Training * Financial Domination * Psychodrama * Femdom Tarot Reading*Popper/Intox Training* Succubus Roleplay Schedule: Tuesday,


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